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Hello All,

I am quite new to Gismo, but I keep getting the error, 

"1. This component requires topography data to be downloaded from as a prerequisite for creating a terrain. It has just failed to do that. Try the following two fixes:

1) Sometimes due to large number of requests, the component fails to download the topography data even if website and their services are up and running.
In this case, wait a couple of seconds and try reruning the component.

2) website could be up and running, but their terrain service (RESTful Web service) may be down (this already happened before).
Try again in a couple of hours.

If each of two mentioned advices fails, open a new topic about this issue on:"

I have looked on previous forums, and disabled my antivirus, as well as my firewall, and still have no luck running the terrain generator. 

Attached is my Grasshopper file as well as a screenshot of my layout. Any and all help is appreciated.

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Hi Brendan,

I got the same error message like you when I tried the .gh file.

Try using integer number for the _radius input. And somewhat in tens, or even better in hundreds of meters.
I tried with 2000 meters radius, instead, and it worked. This is how the terrain looks like:

Please let me know if attached definition works on your PC as well. I replaced it with the newest components:






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