algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This is the third release of Gismo plugin.
It fixes some typos, but also adds 6 new components with the following features:

1) Support of 3D pitched roofs and flat parapet walls has been added (through new component "OSM 3D roof"):

2) Simplified 3D roads can be created by using the network of OSM polylines (through new component "OSM 3D road"):

3) 3D forest.
Up until now, Gismo supported generating a single 3d tree whenever such tree was present in database. Now it is possible to generate 3d trees in forest areas, by randomly positioning the 3d trees (through new component "OSM 3D forest"):

4) Boolean 3d shapes.
Gismo's "OSM 3D" component generates shapes as parts: for example, if a building has irregular shapes across its height, they will all be created individually. Trying to merge them with Grasshopper's "Solid Union" component can sometimes fail.
New Gismo "Rhino Boolean Union" components tries to overcome this issue by using a much better Rhino version of this command.

5) Library of common GIS color palettes (gradients).
A single component containing 22 of the common color palettes used in GIS applications as ArcGIS and QGIS. For example: elevation, aspect, precipitation...

6) Url to location.
Thanks to idea by Alex Ng, it is possible to extract location from a link of the following map websites: Openstreetmap, google maps, bing maps,, waze:

Version 0.0.3 can be downloaded from here:

Example files from here:

New suggestions, testing and bug reports are welcome!!

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Gu Diordje,

Thank you so much! Version works well.






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