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I am really new in working with grasshopper. I am a bit familiar with its system with nodes as I am working for years with blender node system. Although, I have to spend some time to get comfortable with it.

I discovered ghowl and it is very interesting. I am following this tutorial but it does not seem to work correctly.

Anybody who can help me a bit?

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I usually go through sketchup...

Yeah I was in the past using sketchup too. The problem is that now they do not use google earth's terrain, and it seems not to be accurate and also because of the change of provider I cannot use the trick of getting estimated height of buildings through shadows in the exact date of the imagery. That's the reason I started searching and I found ghowl.

OK, I'll give it a try

No, I won't.

The scale of the model will be based on a scale 2D command referencing a scale on an image. 

I don't like this at all. 

Well, even if this discussion is irrelevant to the fact that I cannot use correctly ghowl, I should say that both ways are imperfect and inaccurate.  Both 2d scaling thing and sketchup's current terrain and geolocation feature. Personally, I would prefer using an accurate terrain and then finding the correct scale with multiple ways. But it depends of course :) 






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