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I had a question if its possible to make an structure with Karamba and then link it with Tekla, so the components from Tekla are also connected to the Karamba anyalsis and structure. I know that Tekla link has an option to fill in the profile name manual, but is it possible that Karamba can calculate that and then link it to Tekla live link?

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Yes this is possible with a work around thru the link and also using geometry gym.

Basically the tekla profile is a a list with indexes and sets, if you analysis teh structure in karamba an build a matching group, you would be able to use the tekla link. 

Yes, you can also use the Geometry Gym KaramabaToIFC component, and then import this into Tekla using their native IFC importer or the Geometry Gym alternative.  Unless you are using Tekla naming conventions in Karamba, you will have to establish mapping.

Thanks for the reply Tim and Jon! I will try to link together. That will work a lot faster  than calculate it all manually.






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