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Hello Jon,

I have another question:

I have successfully made two analysis cases. But now I cannot extract results from the different cases. Instead, I get case A1 by default (I can see this in the 'result decompose' components).

Also, I noticed 'Query' components do not accept generic data from an analysis case component, but states that it can. I suppose that if this were working, my problem could be solved. Any ideas?



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Here's a picture of the question.

The arrow to the top 'Query' component indicates what I suppose should be possible, but isn't. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help!


I'm still hoping to get some help with this question...

Please, if anyone knows...?

And a happy new year to everyone of course :)

Happy New Year Michael,

Sorry for the lack of reply on this issue (Thanks for raising it).  I have spent some time improving the options for nominating an analysis or load case (including multiple) as well as some new components to nominate static or modal (vibration) analysis.  I should have a new build uploaded later today for you to try, I'll certainly post here.  It will also include improved behavior for SDR catagalogue profiles being sent to GSA.



Hi Michael,

I just uploaded a new build of the GSA plugin that hopefully addresses the issues you have observed,  I haven't had time to test extensively yet, so let me know if you see anything amiss.



First impression is that analysis cases seem to work REALLY well. It is incredibly usefull for my thesis :)

The SHS are still incorrect though, as are the HEA sections. Also setting '50round' as the section for the create structural section property component doesn't seem to work (still, no data is sent to GSA).

I've updated both SDR and SSI for GSA.

I'll test some more though. Just to be sure.

Also: a very happy new year to you! :)



Two components cannot be right-clicked anymore for certain inputs

  1. <ssigsaloadcase> cannot be right-clicked on input 'T' (load case type)
  2. <ssigsabeamatts> connot be right-clicked on input 'BT' (GSA beam type)

Unsure if it is related with the beam attributes, but somehow, my 'ties' can now be loaded with a shear force (although this should be impossible in GSA).


Thanks for the reports.  

A new build is available,

RHS, CHS and SHS profiles should now be working.  It seems GSA does not include the HE profiles ending in numerals in it's catalogues, I haven't had a chance to confirm if they are superseded or no longer available.  50 Round won't work, but using the GSA syntax such as "STD C(mm) 50" as an input string should (I'll look at ensuing the SDR profiles do this).

I've also fixed the issue for the right click menus.  I haven't checked if a transverse loading is acceptable for loading members such as ties, I know that selfweight is lumped to the two ends as a node load.  The plugin doesn't do lots of "checks" relating to this (although I'm happy to implement suggestions such as this), instead relying on the solver error report (I did discuss with the Oasys developers about accessing this report to feed back to Grasshopper exception).  Let me know further thoughts and observations.






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