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How can Arduino 5V 4-Phase Stepper Motor with ULN2003 Control Board be controled inside Firefly?

Hi guys

Could anyone think of any way to control Arduino 5V 4-Phase Stepper Motor with ULN2003 Control Board inside Firefly?

I have already tried Firefly_QuadStepper sketch and couldn't find any way around it, for the Sketch only controls 4 wire stepper motors with quad or easy driver boards! You know, the stepper motor I'm using has 5 wires ( I'm kind of new in Firefly so there may be a way around it that I'm not aware of. I do appreciate any kind of help or any sort of solution, I'm stuck in the middle of a project.



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Looks like I got the same problem, any ideas how to control stepper with this control board??

I have the same issue with 5wire stepper.

Did anyone find a way out for the above problem ??

I have the same problem about using UL2003~

SHIT , i get same thing ... head-aching 

Me too. extremely frustrated, disappointed and hitting bottom.. Any help is appreciated.. Even the kind of help saying what to buy.. Thanks guys

I got shit before too , but at last overcome ,,  I remember thats relate to fast data trans ,,  just reduce 115200 to xxxx  ,,  

I forget if use this method to solve , hope it help .  

If like to purchase PVC foam board , I am dealing now .  

Thanks.. sadly still the motor does not work with the Firefly Quadstepper component (whether installed on the Arduino, is the Quadstepper Firmata or the Firefly Firmata)!

It seems like the only way I could make it work is to send the pulses directly through the pins.. Problem here is that I cannot find a way to send the pulses fast enough with Grasshopper (nothing faster than 100 ms or so),, for this motor it can work up to 2 ms.. Which then behaves like a normal rotating motor.. 

I either need to find a way to send the pulses faster (A generator that generates numbers according to time in ms, is what I need in this case), or use a plugin through Firefly (which its quadstepper doesnot work)..

Thanks again






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