algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Embryo release 0.5.0 available here with examples:

Embyro now works fully with Galapagos and Biomorpher with separate inputs for metric, topology and function genes. A video tutorial giving a general introduction to Embryo as well as talking through some of the examples is now on the group page.

Any questions please let me know below,


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Looking forward to try it!

Hey John!

Why I am not able to use Loft or Extrude with Embryo?

Hi Amantevez, thanks for the feedback.

Extrude was because of a bug, it seems geometry inputs did not accept curves, lines and arcs so this is now fixed in this minor release: 0.5.1 and seems to work fine now:

As for the loft, this is more complicated. Parameter inputs will only accept one 'wire', hence lists (required by loft, nurbs curve, etc. components) have to be done using an additional merge component (which at least covers the order of the inputs).

When I have time, I'm currently working on using clusters which will help address some of these niggles, because a merge can be combined with something else, made into a cluster which is then used multiple times in the graph... although this is proving tougher than I first thought!

Thanks again,







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