algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I thought this group sounded like a fun idea, so I thought I would suggest one based on something I was looking at earlier in the week.  

The challenge:

To find the medial axis of a 2d polygon in 15 native components or less without scripting.

Good luck!

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Because they are the midpoint of the lines from the delaunay diagram they are equidistant from exactly two points on the perimeter, but i guess they aren't always necessarily the nearest points, so maybe its still an approximation:

Yes, I see your point.  I think you are also right about the center point / end points relationship not necessarily being the closest points...

if we keep going, eventually we will get it ;)


Very interesting analysis.

I have started a discussion here

essentially looking for the same principle applied in a 3d mesh.

Any idea very much appreciated.

Thank you,


hello! is there any way to obtain a medial axis w/in a 3D volume like this?

I am trying to extract the interior volume as an object instead of the negative of a Boolean operation.

I'm hoping to get a media axis between surfaces within this volume to then pipe/t-spline into a new object.







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