algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi everyone

At first  thank you so much for your amazing plugin 

i want to know how can i import this obj sequences to C4D or Keyshot , 

i saw this video :

but i cannot find this plugin for C4D

any suggestion?

thank you 

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anyway I found it finally!!!

for exporting obj sequences to Keyshot you need to run an script:


Render Images

Renders OBJ or geometry sequence into images. Renders a frame for each geometry file.

How to use:

  • Select script and press Run, which shows a dialog asking for input.
  • Click the browse button and select the folder with the geometry (.obj) sequence.
  • For input, type the extension of the geometry without the dot (obj).
  • For output, type the extension of the image format without the dot (png).
  • Input the width and height of the output images in pixels.
  • Click OK to begin the process.

and after Keyshot makes renders you can use premier or something else to make a video from renderd images 







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