algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Following the AEC hackathon a revised version of the Aviary Toolkit has been uploaded to Food4Rhino. This includes Bitmap Vector Tracing, several additions / fixes for the vector drawing workflow, and general ongoing development and fixes to the libraries.

Thanks to Leland Jobson for the implementation of Potrace, and to Hanshen Sun for implementing serialization of inputs on several of the components.

More to come.

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Version (1.00.09) Uploaded to Food for Rhino.

Major update to the SVG exporter and minor updates to various component including the WPF Drawing components as well as updated Sample Files.

SVG now Supports

  • Cell Animations, uses visibility states to animate through a series of "cells." Currently only Chrome Compatible
  • Groups, can be converted to Illustrator layers w/ Scripts
  • Text, text objects working for SVG, not yet for WPF, no text wrapping
  • Bitmap Fills, embedded & referenced
  • Gradient Fills, Radial & Linear
  • Cropping, Scaling, Centering (some known issues)

SVG next Steps

  • Generating selected Styles to reduced redundancy of per object style declaration, particularly for bitmap
  • Preset Pattern (Hatch) Fills, Custom Pattern Fills
  • Additional Effects, Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Feathering...
  • Wrapped Text
  • Possible Transform / Graphic Animations
  • Exploring alternate means of generating animations which are more broadly browser friendly

WPF Drawing updates

  • Gradient Fills, Linear & Radial
  • Bitmap Fills

WPF next steps

  • Full Pattern Fill Set
  • Text Objects

Some additional minor revisions to other components have been made, and the WPF Control Categories have been consolidated. Again, the plugin is still under heavy development, so please report any bugs on discourse.

As these are all pre releases, please know that many older files will be broken when updating to the new version. 

Version (1.00.10) Uploaded to Food for Rhino.
Data Visualization Update

This is the first major / complete update to the Data Visualization section.

  • Updated all Data Table
  • Updated all Charts
  • Updated all Data Visualization Graphics
  • Added Transparency and Visual controls for windows

The update to Food4Rhino includes the latest version of the plugin as well as updated example files.
Please use this discourse thread to raise any issues that come up.

The next update version (1.00.11) will focus on updating 3D visualization.

Overhauling WPF 3D and adding three.js support will be the top priority.

Note: This build does break several previous components, in particular the Window component. I am doing my best to reduce this, but in some scenarios it is unavoidable to continue to improve the toolkit.






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