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how can I get corner fillets of my BRep objects. I test the ASTools but it is not so easy to understand the workflow with trimmed or untrimmed surfaces. I need help from professionals ... Attached 3dm-file, look for samples - fillets 5.0 mm

Thank you TobiasTobias

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Dear Tobias,

AS Tools means Advanced Surface Tools.

IMHO the strategy would be the following:

1. explode your BRep into trimmed surfaces first

2. make an untrim on the needed surfaces

3. make fillets between each pair of surfaces

4. make the edge/corner fillets

5. trim the surfaces at the fillet edges

6. joint the whole stuff together again

7. finally hoping that your new brep is water tight

Doing this in GH, also using the AS Tools is quite sophisticated. Try it in Rhino first without using the brep fillet function. If you really know what you are doing, the quality can be enhanced compared to the automatic function including much more control (like G2 joints, transitions from G2 to G1 or G3 and different radii). And sorry, as far as I know, there is no automatics in AS Tools because they serve a different approach.

Hope, this helps,







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