algorithmic modeling for Rhino

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Current job listing requires Dynamo, not just Grasshopper:

Check out this job at Ennead Architects LLP: Computational BIM Specialist

haha that's true. Speaking of marketing perhaps Fabric Engine 3 will surpass both in the end.

Well ...

1. For AEC things one must consider the umbrella: BIM.

2. Umbrella means a BIM app: either AECOSim (Bentley Systems) or Revit (Autodesk).

3. With regard parametric: AECOSim means Generative Components and Revit means Dynamo.

Both are masterminded by the very same fella (Robert Aish: an ex Bentley R&D head, then Autodesk paid more [life sucks]).

AECOSim eats Revit for breakfast but has a far steeper learning curve ... meaning that the masses would opt for Revit.

Thank you very much for the reply, it is really a pleasure - from my experience you are the most frequently cited user of GC and AECOSim. So I wanted also to ask you if you find using GC slower than Grasshopper? 

GC is indeed frustratingly slower than any Harley Davidson (even a stationary one).

But since AEC things are made via solids, feature driven design is a must, verticals are mandatory, meta data management is rather more important than data, specs are far more critical than any drawing ... add a million other reasons > you don't have any other choice.

PS: If you ask a student and/or an Academic about the importance of parametric in contemporary AEC studies (VS the whole) maybe he'll answer 90+%. The answer of a pro however may cause you a shock. 

Sorry, do you mean that academics would say it is NOT relevant or?

I mean that the more you see things within an "theoretical" perspective the more you think that these things are the next best thing that happened to mankind.

In plain English: IF an average tower requires 3 distinct design stages (conceptual/preliminary, definitive and final), requires ~600+ drawings per engineering discipline (+ you name it: specs and the likes) on what exactly stage can you safely declare that parametric has absolutely no meaning at all anymore?   

Can you change one degree on your twisted tower and re-do the 600 drawings? This is what Bentley Systems tries to do with the latest Connect editions (and pigs do fly).

And IF financing a project requires these days (post euphoria ones) "accurate" cost estimations (from the conceptual stage) what exactly can parametric do in order to address the core of the core of the core of the matter? (forget WOW designs ... money makes the world go round).

That's true... yet.

I agree, many good architects working with parametric design withdrew from architectural offices to pursue these simplified problems in academia.

And yet, in the future surely graduates will be asking themselves whether to choose to work in a practice with parametric or direct modelling the same as they asked themselves not so long ago whether to work in a practice with CAD or hand drawn projects. It's just a matter of time.

The worst thing is still to come:

Assume that one day arrives where a robust link exists between any idea and these @%$#@ 600+ drawings. Meaning: change a slider > get in real-time the modified 1:1 drawing at the end of the walk (don't forget to change the specs/links as well).


Not quite because that could outline the ultimate nightmare: What kind of software could cut such a mustard? So .. unavoidably add some A.I. (is here to make you a happy bunny you silly) to the equation and/or "slightly" modify your I.Q. (for the "better") and start digging a very deep rapid hole. 

no worries, let's just wait and see






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