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Menu shortcuts are customizable, but there are a some special keys and mouse-button combinations that trigger specific functions in the Grasshopper canvas.


  • RMB+Drag = Pan left/right/up/down
  • RMB+Ctrl+Drag = Zoom in/out
  • Scroll Wheel = Zoom in/out
  • MMB+Click = Wheel menu
  • Spacebar = Wheel menu
  • LMB+Alt+Drag = Split objects (aka 'The Moses Tool')

While over an empty canvas spot:

  • LMB+Drag = selection rectangle
  • LMB+Shift+Drag = addition selection rectangle 
  • LMB+Ctrl+Drag = removal selection rectangle
  • RMB+Click = Canvas menu

While over an object:

  • LMB+Drag = Drag selected objects
  • LMB+Shift+Drag = Drag selected objects along 45-degree guides
  • LMB+Drag+Alt = Copy all dragging objects
  • LMB+Click = Either select one object or do nothing if object is already selected
  • LMB+Shift+Click = Add an object to the selection
  • LMB+Ctrl+Click = Remove an object from the selection 
  • LMB+Ctrl+Shift+Click = Toggle the selection state
  • LMB+Ctrl+Alt = Info mode
  • LMB+Ctrl+Shift+Alt = Save info mode as image
  • RMB+Click = Object context menu

While over an input/output grip:

  • LMB+Drag = Create a new wire
  • LMB+Shift+Drag = Create a new wire without erasing old wires
  • LMB+Ctrl+Drag = Erase an existing wire by tracing over it
  • LMB+Ctrl+Shift+Drag = Move all existing wires to some other grip
  • LMB+Drag+RMB = Create a new wire without exiting the wire tool
  • LMB+Drag+RMB+Shift = Add a wire without exiting the wire tool
  • LMB+Drag+RMB+Control = Remove a wire without exiting the wire tool

While over a component icon on the toolpanels:

  • LMB+Shift+Click = Create a component aggregate

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Thanks! Useful to link in class ;)

"LMB+Drag+RMB": Awesome and fast! The same combination with Crtl OR Shift add or removes wires!

Although not specific to canvas, I think it should be mentioned that LMB+shift clicking on the toolbar buttons allow you to select several components before placing them in the canvas. You can then place them one by one by LMB clicking on the canvas or place them all at the same time by LMB+shift clicking on the canvas.

David, could you make a similar post for search shortcuts?

(like typing "//text" creates a panel component with "text" written on it, and so on).


You can personalize shortcuts with RMB over components in toolbar :) It's like alias translated to GH. 

Nice Tip Vicente!

btw please fix the problem with panel component shortcut (//) - in the last version there is the problem with it, it gives back division if there is nothing after the //, it was so usefull... 




Did the LMB+Drag+Alt = copy function disappear for 0.9.0056? Or is there a preference setting I'm not aware of?

Best regards Morten 

Yes. It was decided that it wasn't necessary any more....

Only joking! The simple explanation is that Rhino is "swallowing" all ALT button instances so they are not getting through to GH anymore. McNeel are aware and are looking into it.

Thanks for the quick answer Danny.


Can somebody post a link with the latest GS version when copy command (LMB+Drag+Alt)  worked?

Thanks !


Hi, Do you have/can make the shortcut  to set wire display to Hide ?

ie..we select 10 components and can hide all left OR right hand side wires...






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