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I am looking to create a similar system to that used by Nervous System to be able to view, modify and store my Grasshopper 3D models on a server so I can access them in a browser on any device.

I know Chris Chalmers was working on this but since his Kickstarter campaign for Chrysalis did not take off I have not seen any alternatives.

Does anyone know a way to load and customize GH models in a browser?



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Check out the work of Dimitrie Stefanescu and Speckle...

Thanks, it is nice that it uploads a model to a web server, though can you also manipulate the geometry? And embed it in your own website? How about exporting to STL?

Someone did do something like this but unfortunately I can't remember the post it was on. It was a beta version I think.

Keep searching the forum, there is definitely something.

Could it be modelo ?

Keep an eye on his work...he is building a mechanism (which I think he intends to make open source) that will allow for you to set up GH as a server. A little javascript for developing an interface, and you're in business. I don't think it's available yet, but he's posted a video of the server function in action here, and I know that his research is aimed at supporting exactly the type of workflow you're looking for.

I have been looking for the same thing

Speckle works well but the ammount of sliders and variations are limited, only static and very basic dynamic models can be uploaded.

modelo is only a viewer, you can also make notes, and change cameras.

platypus is no longer working (at least for me), wich used to make the job.

maybe flux in the future will be able to do something like nervous system


Hi, thanks for mentioning us : )

I would argue Modelo isn't just a viewer, but a platform where you can host your design files, easily communicate with the others (on any device) and use it for presentation(including embed the viewer into your site, use it in VR etc)

That being said, Modelo may not be the solution for Ralph's needs though. But we are about to release our new API that will allow 3rd party developers to write their own plugins. 

We've received feedback about integrating grasshopper parametric control into our interface and we are currently evaluating it. I'll post updates on our grasshopper page


One I found a platform for designing facades... but unfortunately I dnt remember the name as well 

We are currently developing a solution that might be exactly what you need:

The goal is to make it as simple as possible: upload your model, choose which parameters to expose/hide, and you can instantly interact with it on the web, embed it, etc...

The public beta starts in a few days, but if you want to try it before send us an email, we'll send invitation links.



Hi Mathieu,

That looks very promising!

I am very interested in trying out the beta.

Can it also output the 3D models to store them on a local drive?

best regards,







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