algorithmic modeling for Rhino

 HI ,

I need to make this geometry but i don't know how to start .

If someone can help it would be great .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  




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Hmm ...

Good news: easily doable (see def attached).

Bad news: see def attached

Ugly news: see def attached.

Required add-ons: ExoW(good luck), Topologizer, WeaverBird.

Note: Load Rhino file first.

For some reason attachments are not possible.

I'll try later

thanks alot , try to upload  them ASAP please .

2nd time lucky?


Topologizer wasn't recognized by Grasshopper 0.9.0076 until I used Windows properties on it and used the Unblock button and then restarted Rhino, not just restarted Grasshopper using GrasshopperUnloadplugin at the Rhino command line.

Topologizer is glitchy, leaving lines out, yet ExoWireframe of Exoskeleton won't work without it. That's why I like brute force marching cubes, where I don't even have to delete duplicates or worry about connectivity of curves, I just wait another minute for it to churn through it all.

ExoW is more "glitchy" if you ask me.

Forgot to provide the link for this classic thread:

Hello peter ... well the last trial worked well as its shown.

but i need to make from 1 or 2 modules , so iam trying now to reach something like that , if u can help .

Unfortunately I'm having "some" issues related with "some" workstations (blame Karma). When I'll (?) fix (??) things (???) I'll be back (????).

best, Arnold (Terminator 2) 

good luck 

Thanks a lot :)

In order to achieve a polar concentration effect, I used UV coordinates on a sphere which can be point edited as you like into a watermelon shape, and populated it with XY random points that became UV random points. UV coordinates of a sphere are kind of weird since they go from 0 to U in one direction  but -v/2 to v/2 in the other?!

A standard 3D Voronoi of the surface points was used to create intersection curves with the rounded surface. This doubles the work of the slow marching cubes part, since each cell outline edge is duplicate of the adjacent face one, but so be it.

The layering effect and sticky flow would require more sophistication.

The Cocoon plugin is here:

With a whopping 600 points, it takes some time, about a minute:

Or 1200 points:

The little bumps here and there are from using a fast crude marching cubes sample size of 0.02 instead of maybe half that which would take much longer.


Thanks a lot :)






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