algorithmic modeling for Rhino

A new version of Kangaroo is now available from the usual place:

This release includes the following changes:

The Output node of the main solver component now reconstructs the data tree of the input to the GoalObjects node instead of just a flat list. This was possible before using the unflatten component, but now it is built in to simplify a little the downstream processing of the results of simulations:

A few components to automatically create goals for some common operations:

EdgeLengths - to set the edge lengths of a mesh

VertexLoads - to apply a vertical force to all nodes of a mesh

Rod - to apply length goals to all segments of a polyline, and bending resistance between each consecutive pair of segments

A 'NoFoldThrough' component for origami, which prevents the sides of a fold from passing through each other.

New 'ImageCircles' component for creating sphere/circle packings where the radii are taken from the colour values of an image or coloured mesh.

Various bug fixes, including some that were causing problems with mesh components in the Rhino6 WIP.

Also - you can now find a large collection of example files, grouped by category here:

(just click 'clone or download' and download the zip)

The intent is to modify and add to this example collection fairly frequently, such as whenever I post examples in response to questions here.

As always - please let me know in this forum about any bugs, questions, or new feature/example requests. Enjoy!

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Hi Daniel,

that's awesome! the categories of goal was well sorted!

And the new goal NoFoldThrough works excellent!

thank you!

Very glad to hear that, thanks!

Hi Daniel,

some of example-files seems missing the coarse geometry...

- collide_simple

- multiradius_sphere_line_collide

- gridrelax02

- mesh_flatten

and the example of british_museum: curve for 2 PullonCurve goals are inverse.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for testing these and letting me know.

I just committed fixes for the first 2.

Strangely the british museum example works correctly in Rhino WIP, but not Rhino 5. It seems curve join works differently between the 2 versions in terms of the ordering of its output.

Looking forward to the ImgCircles case

Hi - there's one example here:

I'll put some more up soon too.

thank you very much
Look forward to more NoFoldThrough cases

Just added one:

Try dragging the points of the mesh to fold it and you will see how it prevents the sides of a fold passing through each other.

Hi Daniel,

I downloaded the example file again, seems the example file of multiradius_sphere_line_collide still missing somethings...

and also the example solidParticleCollide.

the Brep seems invalid.

Thanks Jon for letting me know.

I just fixed this and the one above with the internalised data.

Thx Daniel, now works fine!






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