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I want to input a certain parameter into the input of Karamba component.

This input requests for:


Vec (Vector)
Input point-load Vector [kN]


So which Grasshopper parameter do I need?

Thank you.

Thank you.

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This question of mine may also apply to the Grasshopper itself, not only a Karamba plugin.


What I have been puzzled with, for some time, is how to define a vector, when I need an input of vector, like in this case with Karamba plugin?


Is this the solution:



Using unit vector, multiplied?

I'm not familiar with Karamba but you've certainly provided a vector input.  Other ways to define a vector are in the vector menu.



When you define the Z unit, you need to remember that -Z is the direction of force in most models. So if you want to apply a 100kN load downwards, -100 Z Vector would be required.

Thank you for helpful answers, both of you.


I found two more solution to define a vector:

are there more?

You can create a vector from two points and there are some other components that give vector output (ie. normal vectors and tangent vectors).



Thank you Chris.


One more question:

Why I can not see the vectors in the last two methods, I posted above?

I can only see the ending point. Why is there no line between the ending point and the beginning of the coordinate system (0,0,0) ?




Hi Najna, use Vector Display component (vector > vector > Vector Display)

Thanks guys :D


I love you!






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