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Is there a way to entwine multiple levels of branches, then split them back to their original state? It seems to work with 2 levels but not 3..


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Can you post the GH file please?


David Rutten

sorry - here it is.


To clarify, this idea works when I have 2 trees entwined, but fails when I add another pair of trees to an additional entwine component.  I would ultimately like to add even more to the input/ outputs if I can find a way to do it. Any help would be appreciated.



The problem here is that entwine flattens every input before it merges them. So it basically destroys whatever tree structure you input. I've added a component option to Entwine that allows grafting or flattening (it will be part of the next release). I don't think it solves the problem though. And I haven't been able to think of a good way of solving this without a lot of custom path typing.


David Rutten

Using the new Graft/Flatten option it can be done like this, but it may not be what you want:


David Rutten

Yes, that might get confusing for me - I'll be using hundreds of items so need to keep them separated in groups. I think I'll go with the attached method - it's not perfect but workable.

thanks for your help.


Hi David,

I cannot find this approach in GH 0.9.0075 is this coming soon or am I missing something






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