algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey everybody,

It was a great moment that we shared with lot of amazing presentations (especially one on galapgos).

Thanks to all the participants, special thanks to Giulio who show us the C# path.

Hope to see you all somewhere soon.


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Yes I agree - Nice to be able to put a face next to the icons!
Let's not forget the Sturm. And the democratic socialist party heheh :D
Great meeting you guys! Now we put ourselves into gear and create content for the next meeting, because here is where it all happens. Some, some big part of it, anyway :D
Anyone of you did have the idea to put something on video for those who were not present? It could be very useful...
i actually made some verrrrrry crappy recordings of some of the talks, for my gf who needed to go to the office at the last minute and missed them. Only if it's okay with the speakers/organizers, i can post them, but be wary that the quality kinda sucks.
Hi Andrei.

Like Paolo I am also very interested in getting this kind of info. Can you let me know if you make this available.

Also, does anyone know if the proceedings are available this year as a free pdf download as they were in 2008?

- Jonathan
Yes! Galapagos was indeed very inspiring... lots of ideas for applications... I need more time!
Cheers and greetings to all participants,






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