algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

I'm looking for away to implement a text to speech function in my grasshopper definition.

I have some panels with text which will change every minute and I like these to be spoken out.



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That was surprisingly much easier than I thought it would be... You'll need to set up the correct assembly references though via the 'Manage Assemblies...' menu option in each C# component.


Also it speaks asynchronously, meaning it'll start talking over itself. There's all kinds of stuff I can do to make it smarter in that respect, but let me know first if this works for you.

Works great!

Also, Microsoft Heera has a lovely accent (though I think only people with UK windows will have that one as default)

That's just too much funz! Attached a GHPython version in case anyone needs it.


Just noticed that selecting a voice is a minor bottleneck. If you delete that line it executes substantially faster.

The speech module can also save the audio to a file instead of streaming it to the speakers, could be an interesting feature as well...

Neat! Totally saving this for future use. Microsoft Anna is default on my machine. Also, I didn't have to reset the referenced assembly, which is nice.

Thank you for the quick and clear response! I will test it tomorrowevening! Great help!

It works great indeed. Thanks for the help! It's appreciated! 


Nice one!!!






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