algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi all,
i am still struggling with the basics.
what is the typical workflow to trim a surface with a curve?
to be more precise:
1 planar curve in the xy-plane
2 extrusion surface in z-direction
3 trim curve, planar in yz
now the extrusion surface should be trimmed with the trim curve, projected onto the surface.
also possible: extrude the trim curve, intersect with the extrusion surf, trim
for both workflows, i cant find the appropriate components.
maybe there is a different, more effective workflow...

thanks in advance roberto

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Hi Vincente,
Thank you very much for all your help.
I m facing a different type of problem i think:
I want to trim a polysurface with a curve that spreads on several of its surfaces...Any ideas?
Also i was just wondering why you needed use "dim" in your script as opposed to the first simpler version you did in this converstation.

Many thanks


I want to execute it once for every curve, but the method asks for an array of curves, so i create an array of one item for every curve. It's similar as using the graft component on the list of curves.
For spliting several surfaces that make a brep, you have to iterate through them. The "0" value stands for the index number of the surface inside the brep. You have to find out how many surfaces are there, run the method for every surface and replace the 0 with the corresponding index number of the surface.

This can be very useful for me. Please can you modify this definition to fit outside the given shape I need to calculate material for? Please see the bellow post about what I want to achieve.

Material needed for given contour

Hey I have a similar problem, i am new at both grasshoper and rhino, and i am trying to trim one surface with another, any idea???

thank you very much vicente for your brilliant solution.

i have used it in my work and it has solved the problem of opening holes in surfaces.
i'm struggling though to figure out how to trim multiple surfaces using multiple curves with your definition.
i've posted a screenshot showing my current solution: for say, two cuts, i plug in your defintion one after the other.
this works, but inadequate for an unpredicatable number of cuts. can i set it up to use your defintion once, and make the curve input parameter multiple curves?

would appreciate any advice!

here's my attempt of modifying your vb component. my thinking is..
create a loop for as many curves there are per list for each surface, and keep spliting them.
does this make sense?

I am also having a null result issue here
Vicente, Thanks very much, this is great. I just did what you said and it works!
but as a new GHer, i wonder you give a brief to explain your script here if you have a mins.
or any article you could suggest.







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