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Hi all,

I am trying to model the Allianz Arena in Grasshopper while I am quite stuck at some points...the surface of arena is lofted, the uv curves on it seems not so even, so I tried to set the V curve to 0, and divide the U curves evenly by points, but I dont know what to do to create the diagonal lines on surface, please help, any discussion would be appreciated. 

Thank you!

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Thank you! thats a quick reply! That is exactly what I wanted to create,  I will need sometime to go through it :) 


Hi Angel,

I am afraid that I have to bother again, having a headache by the tons of the problems that I have no idea how to do it, I tried to pull the point list and see if there was any logic way to connect them and make a surface of each of the unit, it looks like if I connect any point say N, then the surface should be N,N+1,N+2,N, just dont know how to extract it and having the same kind of problem to create the air inflated panel... 

Thank you!


You can do it with a variety of ways

1. The trad way (via relative items - see attached). Of course the trad way it's the best way since you control things 100%.

2. Paneling tools

3. Lunchbox (but LB it doesn't work with trimmed surfaces thus ... blah blah)

4. Evolute tools.

PS: Notify if the gist of the relative items thing remains a black art

best, Peter


BTW: added some Lunchbox options just for the record (you'll need a "twisted" loft in order to achieve "twisted" panels).


Added some "isolation" capabilities in order to get the gist of the whole relative items thing. See gates with the red ellipse.


Thank you so much! I am new to GH and it will take me some time to understand the data trees and everything, still it solved a lot of problems and I really appreciate it!

New to GH?

If this is the case .. I have a feeling that the "balloon panels" could be a bit tempting.

But fear not: here's the thin air thing added (actually a sketch describing that atroci... er... hmm ... I mean that architectural "masterpiece").

PS: this 9 point surface approach adopted may sound a bit garrulous but it's the fasted by a huge margin (other options include morph, loft, sweep2 etc etc). Lot's of balloons around, mind.

PS: Named Views defined in order to guide you around (choose wisely)

PS: Use the highest quality for preview


I was wrong: the 9 points thing is the second fastest approach.

Get the new fastest thing (much simpler as well). Since the Path Mapper input is the "simplest" available I could trust it if some code changes occur (resulting a different tree).

PS: some "constrain" input paranoia corrected.


Thank you so much for all you ve done! thats truly amazing, think I have a long way to go, I am now in my summer course of grasshopper, as its going on, I guess I will understand it phase by phase hopefully:-)

Added more decisions (gates/filters) that turn the whole thing into a paranoid collection of "options"/what-ifs.

Added the 1m question (see equivalent Stored View).

Challenge for the future (easy):

Create the bottom balloon that is like the top.

Challenge for the distant future (hmm):

Create some frame system for the balloons AND the truss that supports the whole thing.

PS: what happens if a balloon gets a puncture? Call Superman?







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