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Skin Desgner for Rhino v6 - Issue with window, mullion etc thickness / scaling

Hi All,
I have just started using Skin Designer for Rhino v6, working in meters. I am also quite new to Rhino/GH generally, so there may be a simple solution to my query...
When I am building up a panel there are various issues; one of them is the thickness/depth of the window, which is currently shown to approx 20m thick; I cannot see how to adjust it.
The other is curtin wall mullions - they too are far to thick and totally separated from the panel itself.
Seems to be some kind of scaling issue possibly....But I can alter the height/witdth of the panels / windows without any issues it appears.
I can show a screen shot if need be.
Cheers in advance for any suggestions here!

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Hi David,

Before sending the files it's important to check a couple  of things.
-If you are only working in meters make sure you have the Rhino units in meters before you open grasshopper and start adding SkinDesigner components to your canvas.
-If you are using one of the sample files provided for example, these are in feet, so you will need to have Rhino in feet to model panels correctly. But if you change the Units to meters once you run the script the script will still be in feet, for SkinDesigner to use the new meters unit you need to recompute the script 
Basically you have to make sure to recompute the SkinDesinger script each time you switch units in Rhino.
Also have the SkinGenerator and Panels off when you recompete, otherwise the scene objects won't be deleted and you''l have to delete them manually.






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