algorithmic modeling for Rhino


i'm trying to simulate the inflation of any mesh using kangaroo (as daniel did here in the pic with a cushion)


the goal is, starting from a defined surface (planar or double curved), to simulate its behaviour under pressure and than under external loading.

this implies that the whole surface area(s) can not change during the form finding process (or the deformation should be really minimal). as a result, sometimes, we will have wrinkles. to understand where and why wrinkles appear would be an useful tool for architects of lightweight constructions.


in attach the definition developed by Daniel.


Daniel, i don't understand why, but if i run the simulation, my cushion appear really really symmetrical (no wrinkles at all!)


Moreover, how can i define the length of the inner string? that length can not change during the form finding process.

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The mesh has to be a triangulated mesh?

How could I use a quad mesh?



in most of the cases it works with the quadrangular too, isn't it? i manly use it with triangulated ones..

using a ellipsoid mesh it starts spinning round and moving away?

(How could one avoid this without using ancor points?)


the definition is applying forces normal to the surface. if the surface it is not symmetrical, more forces will be concentrated on a particular region. that's the reason why it flys away. i think there is no way to solve it starting from my that definition.

could you please post again daniels definition, not modified?

daniel also explains the difference of the modified one for triangles.

would you be so kind to look after the quadmeh definition?


the one of daniel is at the top of this post but i had some problems with it. i'll post here if i'll manage to came out with something useful for you! ciao

I just tried to handle your GH definition "cushion tie", posted by roberto, didn´t get it started.

In his answer given on may 16, 2011 he said he played around ?

So where could I found this definition working?



My fault,

didn´t consider installing mesh tools

hello Roberto,

i tried to check your definition but as soon as i open it on gh, this error shows up, do you know what might be happening?




also nothing seems to be happening...

Hi! Thanks for sharing.

I also tried to experiment it with another mesh shape but it gives the following error : "1. Supplied index too high, no possible solution". Do you have any idea? I reduced the mesh to a very small value yet it still gives the same error. 







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