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Hi Daniel and the rest of you.

I am trying to something pretty simple with the new Kangaroo 2 solver. I want to show how a simple concrete element can/should be lifted. 

Meaning that I am simulating the rigid body of the element and then a "chain" between two anchor points on the element and an anchorpoint at e.g. a crane. This way it will be possible to simulate the way the element is lifted and might be tilted if the placement of anchors are not "correct".

I have some problems.

What is the best way to apply gravity?

One load from the centroid, makes my model go crazy. I have tried different approaches, but it doesn't really work. I also believe that another way of adding the gravity should be used, I am just not sure which one :)

I believe that I am missing a simple point here. 

Cheers Rasmus

(Also if someone has a cool idea about the "chain" being able to slide to the crane anchor please let me know)

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Would it be better to move this discussion to the general discussion forum...?

Hi all. 

I am just trying to give this a little attention :)

It's simple, but it would be cool to solve anyways.


here's the addition of gravity, 

You need to mesh the brep, then add vertical load to each vertex.

I'll try to help with the rest later today if i find some time ;)


Hi Lorenzo.


However I am not sure that meshing the brep and adding node forces is the correct way to go? This will not give an even contribution of loads. Maybe a very regular and controlled mesh could to the trick with this idea, but here you get a big concentration of load e.g. around windows (as the thickness surface is small), but in reality the opening should mean less weight/force.

Let me know what you think? I might be missing a point? :)


I see your point, and it makes sense. In the previous version of kangaroo there's the unitary load component, but i'm not familiar with that. I ll try to work on it later and see 






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