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Same old Question.. Bake to Layer::Sublayer when they are not in the document yet

Hello Everyone,


I have seached thought the forum and tested all the codes given but i am yet to get object to Bake with full path names like to Layer::Sublayer when they are not in the document yet it just spits out.


my layer:: mysublayer

my layer:: mysublayer1

..... and so on







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This workflow with the Human plug-in should work:

Make sure you set both the "Create/Modify Layers" component and the "Create Attributes" component to use layer full paths. 


GH doesn't seem to recognize the layers, createAtts, and Bake components. As a result the file opens without them and GH reports that rhino/grasshopper is missing a plugin. Thoughts?

as I said above, this relies on the Human plugin. download here:

Thanks thats great, had human install but from looking at your screen capture i have an older version as don't have the little black tabs. Will update now.

Hi! I know this thread is old but I hope you can answer me.

I've been trying to apply attributes to objects and bake them in the proper layers with the workflow that Andrew Heumann wrote but it's not working. These layers are already in the document and are Sublayers.

The path is: "Op.2 - Copy::site wall" but if I write this in a panel, as Andrew did, I get a new layer called "Op.2 - Copy::site wall" not the objects located in the proper sub layer.

I've tried many times writing different paths in different ways but it always creates new layers.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot!

I think it maybe when you have updated the components the option to use full Path has not been checked on both components.You can see what the option is on the black bar at the bottom of the components.  See image.

Also added updated code using latest download of Human.


That was the problem! thanks a lot






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