algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I am student and new comer with GH. Please help me to kind of find out how to do recursion pattern like this. I want to use it to control the dense of voronoi shapes or any shapes so later it would help me to study a new fractal pattern. (I avoid coding want to generate from GH). How Hoopsnake or Vbnet can help it? or any simple way. Thank you.

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What's recursive about it?

The Longer I look at it the squiffier it gets!

Hi David,

I might want to achieve result where a unit repeats itself with some sequence logic and have different scale. To make it clear I attach another image below. Please have a look. Thank you.

For what you want you could search the terms attractor. There is still no recursion, or it could be done without. Also Google is a good tool to search. Keyword attractor grasshopper will give you many results. Use image search first. And next time you could bring a script






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