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Dear all, for those of you interested in real time auralization, I recently made this GH file to use the outputs from the Pachyderm image source tracer to send auralization data to Max-MSP and Spat-5 via UDP/Firefly.

It can handle up to 64 reflections and sends to Spat-5 the levels for direct, early and late sound, reverberation time values in 3 frequency ranges (adjustable), and azimuth, elevation, delay and intensity in 8 frequency bands for every reflection. In Max, sound is processed in 3rd order ambisonic and binaural. Connect your lab or your headphone to it, (picture of the RISD Audio Lab where I use it with my students).

Arthur gracefully made a new version of his image source component for this to output reflection intensity values. You will need to ask him to release that version. You will also need the newest version of Spat-5 and Max-8. 

There are a few built-in clipping protections in GH, but please use at your own risk. It can get weird sometime if your geometry does not see any reflection. 

Happy auralizing.

Alban Bassuet

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Also, in order to use Alban's tool, you will need a more recent version of Pachyderm than the version on the site. Until we are ready to release the latest, please install the version below:

Note that in order to perform simulations on curved surfaces, the guidance has always been to turn off image source. This is doubly true for this version, but will change when I next update the version on the site.


Real-time auralization is a method of teaching that involves recording sounds in real time and then using these recordings to create virtual environments. This method can be very helpful for students who have difficulty processing information, as it allows them to hear what they are learning rather than reading about it. I am hoping that some of my students will also learn about and their modern tools. It involves the use of headphones and a microphone to record and digitize sounds, and then uses software to convert these raw audio files into a visual representation for viewing on computer screens or TVs. It is very exciting.

??? Hi Eric. Welcome to the Pachyderm for Grasshopper forum. Did you have a question about Pachyderm acoustic?

Your link seems to go to a third party service for checking for plagiarism. Can you explain what you intended here? Based on your answer, I will decide if this message needs to be scrubbed in order to keep content relevant for the users.








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