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Hi everyone. I am new to Gismo. I currently installed it successfully but there is an error in reading the OSM file. I would appreciate it if you guide me in this regard.

Thank you again

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The contour lines need to always be at elevation of 5 meters?

Or you just want them to be more dense?

If this is the case, then open a new Rhino file (File->New), and use the 'Small Objects - Meters' template.
Then define the 'Terrain Generator' component's "numOfContours_" input to some large number. Like 200 for example.
You can see the result below attached.


Yes djordje, I want them to be at an elevation of 5 meters and be tagged by the numbers like the image. (each line would be tagged by the elevation number).

I would suggest asking this question on forum.
Because it is a grasshopper question.
Essentially, what you need to do is take the "origin" output of Terrain Generator component, and project it to "terrain" output.
This projected point will have elevation corresponding to "elevation" output of the Terrain Generator component.
Now you have to find a logic how to create XY planes at 5 meters step, and intersect the "terrain" output with those XY planes.
Sorry for not being able to provide you a .gh file example.

thank you djordje! That is not a big deal. By the way, I adore your plugin. it is so cool!

I am glad you find it useful! Gismo is an effort of a couple of people.
If you have more issues, feel free to open a new topic on this Gismo forum.

Of course!






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