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Ramer-Douglas-Peucker and Reumann-Witkam line-simplification algorithms on C#

I would be very grateful for your help. I want to simplify the curve and I try to use grasshopper script C#. I found some algorithms to solve the task of simplification of curve using Ramer-Douglas-Peucker line-simplification algorithm on C# (


). But I don’t know how correct use it in script. Also I'm trying to compare the work of different algorithms.

Can you help me?

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1. Since I have a feeling that all the above sound Greek to you (I'm Greek, you know, he he) ... I've added the Hocus Locus Pocus C# (C)(TM)(US Patent pending) thingy to safely(?) guide(?) you into the unknown.

2. No curve freak should ignore the Bell curve (have some fun).

best, Lord of Darkness


Hmm + Hmm

1. After receiving tour mail I sense a colossal confusion.

2. Points provided to these ^%### methods [as test] ARE not the curve "related" (what a word) points (in plain English: nurbs points or curve span points or cats or dogs) > THEY ARE points extracted by some curve division method.

3. Added the Hocus Pocus Locus Mk2 (C)(TM)(US ... blah, blah) to shed(?) some(?) light(???) to this confusion. See/Test this (the bake VS span points thingy) as well:

NOTE: these 2 are not "standalone" stuff > you'll need to get portions of code that suits you (case nurbs or curve or maybe polyline) and make accordingly the List of Points as the proper input to the reduction methods.

So in fact (and due to the topology of your curves) you 'll need to use  the span point List (case: curve) AND in order to keep the C1_locus_continuous points "intact" you'll need the related code from the 2nd C#.

Moral: Hocus Locus Pocus, what else?

Plan Z: Skype.


Hi denys

  Happened some time ago I did a similar Component,but I don't use the Ramer-Douglas-Peucker line-simplification algorithm.I don't know if this is what you want.







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