algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all, I'm trying to make form-finding with branching L-system in Rabbit v0.3.

I'm using simple production rules from Morphocode tutorial and Uto Plug-in for growth orientation. But i'm confused, where the vector from sunpath must be connected in turtle component? i've been tried to connected in input O (turtle component) but production still not that i hope. I want branching will growth in the direction of sunpath.

Can someone help me? thanks before.

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hi yasser,

i wanted to know if you could solve your problem,

or maybe can help me?

as you can see in the picture shown below,

the l-system component output is unfortunately "NULL".

any advice?


Rabbit for grasshopper_wip_20120122 (0.80066) no for 0.90014

rabbit license has expired 

thanks, that was the problem!

Thank RWNB

I do not understand what is happening, but I'm using the latest rabbit 0.3. an example as you velvet expired

Maybe you should load the version Rabbit 0.3.1.

hi RWNB, can you tell me what is the name of component in the red frame below?

i have tried to make various thickness Lsystem with pipe, but not as good as yours

Thanks before







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