algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everyone,

I've been cracking my head for a while trying to figure out a way to draw a grid of voronoi panels over a façade, a bit like Marinus van Hall posted here:

But where the density varies throughout the different parts of each panel according to a diagram I've drawn based on the amount of sun each part of the façade gets throughout the day:

Ideally I'd be able to vary the panel size as well as point density. I've tried a few different approaches, including this one, one that feature a world map and also another one that featured a projector (can't find it anymore), but I can't get from there to the panels. Besides, two of them used grasshopper add-ons. Seems like there'd be a simpler way to do this, but I'm having difficulty grasping the whole image to point density to panels workflow.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, I downloaded your definition and and it didn't load a chunk of it, do you know the possible reason for that?

Good to know; for a moment there I thought OP was ██████ [gay gentleman] (chuckles)

On the internet that's a corollary.

Vicente you have an un-canny skill for appropriate memes. I have never got the knack myself


Jesus brought it up, I just gave it some context.

You go away for one weekend and all of a sudden there's a gay jesus flying an upside down helicopter (or is it a regular helicopter that has the entire earth as its blades?). I think I'll need some time to get myself up to speed here! :)

Thanks for the input everyone. I'll probably have simpler geometry since I'll be using 2D laser cutting to actually build the panels. But you've given me more than enough options to toy around with that. I'll keep you posted with the images as soon as I'm done!

Even though its a parlance of our time we can choose not to proliferate the use of derogatory terms in a hope that they fall into decline.

Under terms and conditions:

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No I said Ning not MING 

We would be failing as a community if something was not said to address this. [This is my self-appointed-moderator-hat-wearing-self talking]

Hello Danny,

you are right. I offer my sincere apologies. 

In defense of Jesus, maybe he uses a more modern definition of the term, that means:

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which wouldn't violate Ning policy. Language is ever changing.

And you don't think that accusing someone of riding a Harley is derogatory :)

Saying that someone is riding a Harley is not at all derogatory.

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Of course, there's the wildcard "or is otherwise objectionable, as reasonably determined by Ning" which can mean anything.

If they are going to put that, why bother with listing specifically some types of hate speech over others.

Reminds me of real world hate crimes. If someone beats me to an inch of my life and they happen to do it because they don't like the model of my car they get a lower sentence than if they happen to do it because of my nationality. Establishing these differences is a type of thought crime.

Saying that someone is riding a Harley is not at all derogatory.

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