algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I want to make a model of a twisted cylinder.

Saw this video on vimeo and thought maybe Kangeroo would give me a possibility to make it digitally

Can anyone give me a hint how to start?


Its simply a cylinder where you grab two opposite sides and rotate one of the sides to the desired angle.
In the image this is approximately 270 degrees


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Something like that?

Yes exactly Mårten, could you maybe post or send the files?

of course the ends have to join up but its pretty close.

But how did you determine the rulings? just by trail and error?

And what if the transition would not be liniar? Because as you can see in the image i want the overall shape to be more flat.

But great work :-)

Jesper or Marten,

I am trying to model a very similar thing, but just can't get it right. Could you please send me the definition you came up with?


Here's a closed loop of 'paper' in Kangaroo. It has 2 anchored segments which you can move and twist about to change surface.


Thanks for your reply, but I have trouble opening your .ghx file. I have all the latest Rhino, GH and Kangaroo, but I keep getting an error message (attached). What could be wrong?


Looks like you you don't have the latest Kangaroo (0.044), which you can get from the kangaroophysics site

Thanks a mill, Daniel - it works now!

I also, wanted to complement new Kangaroo's improved interface and readability. Great job and thank you again!

Hi Jesper. I've posted a script here that may work for this. /Mårten

Hi Jesper

I am trying to create the same loop on grasshopper, can you recommend the best way to achieve this? 






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