algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Im new in Gh and i just try for the first time the panelling tools..
I want to make a grid with no equal frames
And after to use the points and the segments with attractors.. someone told me that if it not equal i cant make it
Is it true? And if it is there is something else that could help me?
P.s-how i put here print sreen if i want to show it well?
1 second a

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as I said

I want to find the intersections of the curves.

(the curves from the linear Grid and the curves from the walking options)

sorry if I don't get you..


Er ... hmm ... I suspect a mini terminology confusion here:

We call "definitions" the gh files.Without them - in most of cases - is rather hard to provide some help.

thank you very much! it helps me a lot!

(I don't know why I cant reply to the last comment so I reply always from here) 

The reason that you can't reply is that the depth of answers ("nesting") is very limited on this Forum.

Notify if you need another freaky thing that gets your lines (or any collection of co-planar valid curves) and makes this:

its looks like your connections don't respond to a known pattern, so you can use list item and select which indexes connect (i made a wuiack example for point 0) or if you want every connection, you can use cross reference component (search on forum for more info on this).

For intersection part you can use BullAnt plugin: or you can use "split surface" between your surfaces and all the curves but it is a lot more slower... 

for the attractor thing i dont understand what you want, but once you get your close polylines, you can get "control points" and use some attractor tutorial on that and then reconstruct those polylines.


thanks!! it helped me a lot!

I have a another question

I have a list of area of surfaces

and I want to extrude them (in vector z) but the source of the extrude is from the area

I want that the little area will get a bigger extrude than the larger area

I uploaded here what I tried to do..

hope I explained myself clearly..







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