algorithmic modeling for Rhino

(Edit. David sez: Please append your (well explained) ideas/suggestions/wishes. I don't care much for what you want, I care why you want it.)

Perhaps this topic has been covered recently, but I don't see any active threads.  We're looking for a plugin project and I'd like to get some feedback from the power users before choosing something.


What is missing from grasshopper?  

What would you like to connect to that you can't already connect to?

What kind of bottlenecks do you run into?

What secret wish do you have for Grasshopper that doesn't even seem possible?

What project have you been meaning to undertake but haven't had/won't have the time?

Just trying to brainstorm a few ideas here.  There are so many great and useful plugins out there, it's hard to discover the gaps anymore.   

Looking forward to your thoughts!



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Point Orientated always shadowed Point XYZ so Construct Point was created without the plane.

shouldn't there also be a deconstruct point oriented 

I think the ZUI approach is a good idea for intermediate to advanced users I just wonder if it's discoverability will be lost to beginners. I'm all for reducing the number of components.

I think it's a great idea to expose only minimal versions of components at first. The zui trick is undiscoverable, but it's also very easily learned. I do think there needs to be a visual difference between just adding some parameters (like in addition, sort and merge) and adding specific functionality.

@Danny i didn't know that component.. Is it new? I didn't find it about a year ago.. :-S


Perhaps some kind of "ZUI content filter" feature. So new users don't see the plane input, but advance users could see all inputs, just like the excisting content filer for the GH menus. 

Perhaps there should be some indication that the components have a ZUI input when not zoomed?

when adding a plane functionality, the visual difference could be a "p" instead of a "+" sign. ?

Or some kind of shortcut (holding ctrl e.g.) while placing the component would open all (non infinte) ZUI inputs. 

According to the Version history it was added with 0.9.0051 which would make it about May 2013

What about bolt-ons?

^^Nice idear/solution! 

I think david have been talking about some kind of simular solution.. 


Yes I mentioned leech objects, however they weren't supposed to be parts of the components, they would be ways to set properties on the components (for example the preview colour, or bake layer). Perhaps a CPlane override would fall under this category, but I'm not so sure.

I'd imagine both beginners and expert users alike would prefer to have minimal versions of components on screen. What's needed is a way to specify per component what it looks like when you drag it onto the canvas, and all the defaults can just be minimal.

Another great way to show ZUI parameters is to have the grips become visible during wire-drags. That way you don't even have to zoom in, you can just drag a wire towards a component and see which parameters are currently hidden but available.

you could also change preview colour etc

*This might have already cropped up in our discussions I cannot remember

Apologies for cross-posting, but I suppose the wish I posted here would be considered a "pain point". In brief, it would be great to add single click functionality to Boolean Toggles on the canvas. Best, Anders

When pasting (ctrl+v) have the components appear where the mouse is (if on the canvas).

would be nice indeed! You can use ctrl+shift+v now to paste to the center of screen/canvas. 






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