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Hello all,

(I had asked this already in the general forum, so sorry if you are seeing this again, but I thought this group would be a better place to ask.)

I used the Origami component to fold a mesh, but some fold-lines do not fold as intended, as can be seen in the top-view. I wanted them to fold just like the first part, as a harmonica-fold.

I used "Weaverbird's Unify face windlings" which was no solution as it just transferred the problem to other fold-lines of the mesh.

Do you know if what I am doing wrong?



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in your case the folding lines have 2 DOF(XY), it makes sense why they bounce away. Even when you fold it in real world it will physically perform the same result.


If you want them 'slide' along a given path you can constrain the points I marked using AnchorXYZ(make strength x much stronger and weak strength for y)

or simply apply goal 'onCurve'. That guarantee that your origami never jump aside.


Thank you Jon!

I could not make it work, but I re-entered the last surfaces so that it folds as it should.

I could not figure out yet what I should do with the anchorpoints after setting the AnchorXYZ component.


I can have a look if you internalize all input-data



try this, however, I will recommend you try K2 to get better constrain. For example CoLinear...


Ok I get how it works now :), so I will also try those.

Thanks again






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