algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm curious as to members' opinions on preferred general structural analysis packages for use with Rhino/Grasshopper workflow.  What is (a) your preferred software from a ease of use/ learning curve standpoint, (b) preferred software overall, after achieving basic competency, and (c) from a cost/value perspective (after the trial versions of software expire)?  Many thanks.

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I only have experience with SSI for GSA. I chose this setup due to the availability of software on campus. I could also use SCIA or Ansys, but those packages are much too complicated for what I want to do in my thesis. (i.e. there are too many functions :) )

A) GSA is very easy to learn. I taught a fellow student the basic principles in under one hour the other day

b) SCIA and GSA, depending on the situation. For plates I use SCIA due to familiarity. 

c) I don't know, software is available for free for me, though they are sometimes limited as educational licenses.

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