algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everyone,

I would like to convert surfaces into meshes to import them afterwards in t-splines.

After baking the jointed meshes there is a naked edge as you can see in the attached image.
Whereas after reconverting the meshes to surfaces and joining them it results a closed brep.

Has anybody an idea why this happens?

Best regards

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Something is going wrong with one of the surfaces around the rim of the helmet. I don't know what exactly, but one or some of them have mesh vertices in the middle of a mesh edge from another mesh face. I've forgotten the term but someone here will add it.. [[  ]]

You can see this in this image from NetFabb Basic software shows one of the problem faces...

The reason it looks a bit different to your original is because I exported it as an STL so it's turned it to a triangular mesh but you can still see something has gone wrong on this face.

if you generate the mesh faces a different way you get better results...

Same mesh looks ok in NetFabb...


Thanks for your note.

I changed the order of the surfacepoints of the rim. After that the mesh is ok.

[little error: the {0;0} output of the lower BANG! component should be connected with the B input of Srf4Pt]






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