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I have a mesh and i would like to make a 2d drawing to control my line weights with illustrator after. Problem is the mesh is so heavy that when i use the command "make 2d drawing under dimension tab it gives me no result.

Is there a way to create a 2d drawing with grasshopper ?

I would like to achieve something like the pen view but having control over the lines ?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hi Nenov

When I have to do the same with a complex form I usually go through maya which can export an .ai file and works well with meshes!

In rhino I ll go through a combination of 'meshToNurb' and 'extract Wireframe' along with make2D

Cool bulb,


Thanks Fillippidis ! I'll try with maya !

Best, Ivo

Maya is so complex... I've tried the mesh to nurbs but rhino tells me it's too heavy for my computer.

I've tried also to export the thing directly from rhino to ai file but when i am openning the file in illustrator it's very laggy and it exports everything even the lines behind ...

I don't know what to do...

Maybe this will help!

You can print a vector style PDF which you ll be able to use in Illustrator

check this:

hope it works

Thanks but I already tried, the meshes are too heavy... it's not so bad with vray..






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