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Started the video tutorials at

Video at loads logic components. Are these present in build 0.8.0066?

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Hi Abraham,

Yes,these logic component available in latest build 0.8.0066

If you're using latest build and open this .ghx file, you can find information "old" in these component icon, but it's still work with fine.

Hi Yasser,

Thanks for the reply. What is the name of the .ghx file I am looking for, and where it is located?


Top right corner of your video link. Where it says "Definition GHX:"



i have exactly the same problem..where can i download these logic components from..the build i am using is 0.9.0014..

They are all still available, it's just that the Logic tab has gone and the components have been moved into Maths and Sets and other tabs. You'll just have to search for the component name if you're trying to follow an old tutorial.

But note that even names and icons may have changed over time. Sometimes components get redesigned so even the inputs and outputs may differ. All part of the Beta process I'm afraid.

You can search component by double clicking on an empty spot on the Canvas and then typing.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria






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