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Im looking to inscribe a circle inside a boundary curve, with the addition of being able to vary the number of circles inscribed. These circles should not intersect each other, but could be tangent.

I believe Galapagos would be needed for this. 

Thanks for any possible suggestions for the def.

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Hi there, the case for one circle is trivial, however with many circles you will end up with circle packing have a look at kangoroo...

Hello, yes indeed, but circles with same radii. Still possible?

Try this. You'll need to gradually increase the radius slider until just before they start to overlap.

Since this is only finding a local optimum, trying with different random seeds might find a better result. You could also get a more accurate result with a simple script for this gradual increasing. There isn't a general solution to this problem. Even for shapes as simple as a circle or square, the best known results aren't proven to be optimal above a fairly small number of circles.


Hey Daniel, not looking for the most optimal, any of the results will do. I see what you mean with the slider, adjusting it until before they are tangent will suffice. 

Thank you very much.

PD: Isn't this also achievable with Galapagos?






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