algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi guys. 

I am trying to explore Volvox for import of large pointclouds (>7gb) from 3D scan. 

The file is .las and is more than 7 gb of size. 

Is Volvox to open .E57 files only, meaning that the .las file needs to be converted first in CloudCompare?

I am having quite some problems opening this file in CloudCompare as it seems there is problems with the large file size. 

Does anybody have a good best practice for this? 

I am glad to explain more - if I can :)

Best regards Rasmus

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Hey Thanks 

However I used buttons in which its states that 

Normal state -  FALSE

Pressed State -  TRUE

So once I plug in that button node .....I pressed that button its basically means that It is in "TRUE" State.

Hi Alex,

I did as what you asked for. Now its showing error " Object Reference is not set to instance of object".......May be there should be problem during exporting that file to .e57.






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