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just curious if some of you guys use dual monitor setups and if you do, do you find it a lot more comfortable then using a single monitor when working in Grasshopper?


(or otherwise said, i need somebody to push me over the edge to buy a second monitor, which i'm not sure would make my life easier or more complicated)

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yeah yessss :D  love it !

What a second screen does:

- avoids you to resize eternally your windows (the GH one in particular). 

- limits the zoom and panning (even if the screen is only a 19", of course you can find 24" monitors for nothing today so it is more interesting if your workspace allows it).

- avoids you to switch windows (between Rhino/GH and this wonderful forum for exemple, but also useful for excel, visual studio, ecotect, arduino and all the other programs you can run in parralell of GH)


Test it for a day, you will surely see the gain of time.


As I don't have enough space at home to have multi-screens, I bought a KVM and linked it to 4 of my other computers, including a 14" laptop to work with GH. With this switch you can do kind of multi-multi screen, all you have to do is change the channel, it's very useful too.

In our office I was the first to hook up two monitors simply because I could, everyone else thought I was being over the top, (at the time it was two 19" CRTs and space was a bit of an issue, but now 24" LCDs are so reasonably priced it makes so much more sense). Now no one in our office has a single monitor and any time that I have to reassign a second monitor I get such complaints that I really don't think I could go back to the way it was. Just be aware that a second monitor halves your on-board graphics memory. For most applications this is not a problem but for rhino I found it was better to go for two cards to get more memory for each. This also has the advantage that I can now hang four monitors off my computer if ever there was a need.


Even without the Rhino/Grasshopper benefit of working on two displays I would say that the increasing your desktop does increase productivity.


desktop = 3320 x 1200 pixels

A dual monitor is worth it regardless of whether you have Rhino or Grasshopper installed. In my opinion, anyone doing serious work on a computer could hardly make a better investment than a second screen.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

then it's settled, i'm getting a second one!
think i'll go with a 5:4 or 4:3 aspect ratio though, to save some desk space

thanks to all for your input!






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