algorithmic modeling for Rhino

If you have problems installing, there is instructions outlined here:

If you have problems, please either email me, send me a message through this ning or post to the forum below and I'll be glad to help.

If you're behind the firewall in China and cannot access the downloads, please email me and I will send you a link to a dropbox shared folder. 

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Ok, finally got it.  I used the Microsoft Fixit tool found here:

There is an option for uninstalling programs that do not show up as being installed. I followed those steps, which found something corrupted in the registry.

Thanks again Jon!

Hello Jon,

Im trying to send you an email for requesting a student license but 'ggzzlicenserequest' with sending email automatically makes my rhino crash :(    So i sent you the email manually this afternoon, i imagine that there wont be any problem... But i m wondering if you will send me the license tomorrow saturday or on Monday? Us, the architecture students, dont know about weekends =)

Btw, amazing plugin. Thank you very much!


Hi Dani,

I normally reply within 10 hours (24 at the worst).  I've responded to all emails at this point in time, so if you don't have a reply, let me know (you can send a private message here if no response to email).



Hello again Jon,

I was wondering when does the student license expires? 

Hi Dani,

Having an expiry in academic licenses allows me to monitor usage and popularity of various plugins.  Having emailed from an university account (or sending a scan/photo of enrollment), I typically validate the license for 3 months initially (and 6 months subsequently).

You should get warnings within 7 days of a license expiry.  More than typical response is within 24 hours of license request (usually shorter).



Hi Jonm,
I'm so happy for this plug-in. You are the best
Yesterday, I try to open a file .Gh that I find in your blog for export in SAP2000.
The file .Gh advise me that SSI BEAM CREATE is missing.
I don't find where download this plug-in. =(
I hope you help me.
I installed ggSap, Bullant and ggRhinoIfC.
Thanks for all

Hi Marco,

ggRhinoSAP should have it.  Is it quite an old file?  Can you link (or post) the file here and I'll take a look?

Cheers,  Jon

thank for your timely reply.
here the old file that i donwload in your blog.


in this file, when i try to export in sap, nothing happens.
Sap2000 opens, but the file don't appear

I'd love to start discovering the potential of your plug-in



I realized that I have sap2000 v15 and not sap2000 v15.2.

can be a problem?

I will email you to find out your specific version of SAP (seems every sub-version needs a specific build) and will send you a specific installer.







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