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Insert an image on canvas in a .ghx ,open it in other pc and don't have to charge it the new route?

Hi Grasshopper's ¡¡¡

I am working with a archive with various images, now I am using the ImageSampler(because I don't know another way to put an Image on canvas), but I don´t need information about the images... I only need to put images on the canvas and if it is going to be opened in another computer or if is moved to another folder... I want to keep the image when it be open it. It is posible?

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I also just added an Image Gallery object. It's passive, just like LolCats, but you can supply both urls to images on the web and embed images directly into the object.


Now let's see if I can pull myself out of feature-creep mode and actually release the next version....



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

good luck¡¡¡¡ David

it`s is just what i was looking for, is amazing the quick you have taken on this, thx a lot David, you are the best!



Also thanks  to Andres`s for the idea!! :)

Hi David,

How it's possible to store a series of small size bitmap files (decoding and initializing bitmaps+ naming and indexing) inside the GHX file and load the bitmap files on canvas whenever it's necessary, without any need to store and change the file path on the same or another computer ?!






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