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Inflate multiple balloons within a boundary volume (using Kangaroo).

As part of the Grasshopper2 material preview I'm looking to inflate several spheres until they fill up a boundary volume. Sphere volume is allowed to grow without bounds, but the total volume is of course limited to the boundary volume. Spheres are not allowed to intersect each other or themselves. I'd also like the sphere/balloon surfaces to appear to be under tension, so no sharp creases allowed. Some control over the balance between inflation pressure and surface tension will be required. Gravity optional.

Whoever comes up with the best solution will be listed as contributor.

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Hi! I am struggling to open this .gh file could you post it again please?


Im trying to do something similiar but opposite. Is to fill an elastic bag (like if it where spandex or lycra fabric) with harder balls like in this drawing. 

What if you wanted the balloons to make a void within the boundary? like cellular structures

Then you'd have to put another mesh on the inside and join them together into a single boundary shape.

Hi all, 
I adapted some of the ideas/definitions from here for a cubic close packing study.
Here's the discussion:
It's still work in progress, would love to hear from you guys!



sorry for digging up this old post but it looks great and i am very curious to try it out!

(David Stasiuk's version)

However, i am getting an error at the Kangaroo Solver:

1. Solution exception:Unable to cast object of type 'MeshBounce' to type 'KangarooSolver.IGoal'.

I tried to change the inheritance of the MeshBounce class to KangarooSolver.IGoal and also tried to run the script with older Kangaroo versions (2.02) but couldn't get it to work. 

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? 

Very much looking forward,


Hi Leo,

Here's an updated version of this definition. Hope it helps:


hi Daniel, 

thanks for the quick help!

It seems as if you are using a newer version of Kangaroo (2.4) than currently available on foodforrhino. 

Any chance you could share a version for 2.3.3? Or release the update for 2.4? :)

Thanks a lot!



tried it on a different computer and no errors here.

It even works with variable pressure. Fantastic! 

Thanks again, 



Can you explain how the components work together in order to setup the collisions between mesh balloons? I understand the use of the solid collision component, but I'm not clear on how the cross-reference component is being used.








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