algorithmic modeling for Rhino

is there any link or Presentation which will explain why Students should use rhino and Grasshopper for design purpose.

Doing a course for Design students where i want to explain them graphically the importance of rhino and Grasshopper.

here is a link of Blog

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I think that approach is wrong. Choice of tools should follow from the problem at hand, and not be an a priori conclusion. The reason designers *might want* to use Grasshopper is because that will allow them to leverage computational power and thus calculate parts of a design that would otherwise have to be guessed/intuited. The other reason is that it *might* ease parts of the work by automating steps, thus giving the designer more time to actually design.

i agree what you say about Forcing a Tool to use .. may be my framing of question was wrong .

If they need to automate, reduce design time, make changes, different designs, create our own tools, analyze, optimize, design using new shapes... using a simple interface and having the backing of a great community, not just help also provides new tools for the common benefit, if these designers look for these features should use gh. I would highlight as the root concept that programming (from gh or from code) introduces the designers in a new paradigm, because instead of modeling a design, we modeling the way that makes getting to that design. One needs to better understand the most fundamental elements for more complex designs globally, and gh helps that.

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