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I'm very curiously looking into your KarambaIDEA plugin for Rhino. Really nice work by the way. I understand that it's to a large extent is a link between karamba and IDEA statica. But is it possible to also use it to open an exciting IDEA statica model and perform some changes parametrically. e.g checking for different loads?.

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Hi Timo,

Thank you for your question.

KarambaIDEA initially linked Karamba3D with IDEA StatiCa. But it basically converts needed data into a format in which IDEA Statica connections can be generated. That is why, it can also be used for other FEM softwares like SCIA and RFEM.

For your case I would recommend to use this the GH-file "KarambaIDEA_testfile" found in the examples of the plugin. Here you can paramatrize the geometry and loads. To understand the data structures, you can take look at the Karamba3D examples.

Hopefully this answers your questions related to your case.
It is good to mention that we are currently working on a new version with much extended functionality.
KarambaIDEA makes a distinqtion between a bare connection model (no workshop operations like plates weld and bolts) and templates (combinations of workshop operations). Up till now static templates can be applied. For our new release users will be able to specify parameters to their template, which can be altered from grasshopper. This wel enable you to analyse a range of different connection variants. For example change the thicknesses of welds and see how this influences the results.

Hopefully we will be able to release this new version during summer.








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