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Hi everyone,

I am currently exploring Rhino to Revit Interoperability. I am using Lunchbox to create desired geometry in Grasshopper, and planning to export it to Revit via Hummingbird.

I have attached a photo of my geometry below. Which Hummingbird component should i use to generate the csv file required by rhino? 

Note that i am currently using Loft (in hummingbird) component. After i import it to revit, it says i have too many points in one place. Cull wont work. 

If i need to use Mass falimilies or Families instead, which Family/Family Name/Type does it belong to?

Any thoughts and advise will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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You've posted this in the Geometry Gym group, not hummingbird.

If you're wishing to test my approach, I've attached the script.  You can use the direct shape component.

Resulting Revit model looks like this:




Hi Jon,

I managed to import the IFC file into Revit as generic model. They work fine. Now i am trying to tabulate all the panels, together with their height , width etc. My Revit file currently does not display those information, which are crucial for fabrication stage. Any ideas?


Can you join them into desired panels in Grasshopper?

You can then set parameters with information such as height, width etc which hopefully is acceptable.  If you can join them and share the gh script (you can email it), then I can show more specifically how to achieve this.



Hi Jon, 

Sorry for the late reply. I recently managed to join the panels in Grasshopper. Looking forward for your advise, so that i can continue exploring Geometry Gym capabilities. Thank you.

Best wishes








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