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How to make the square column go outside the triangle ?

1. At the moment it is plaeced inside the triangle, how can i make it placed outside the triangle? 

2. At member there is 6 triangle, I want 15 triangle, I have tried typing 15 in count, but it make the tower taller, but thats not what I want

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Okay, so there are several ways, one of the simplest is to just offset the curve the other way and use that to create the rectangles. We use the thickness of the horizontal members and the thickness of the vertical members to calculate the offset.

Also I have cleaned everything up a bit and made it a bit more parametric. Its important to keep everything tidy and name all your inputs properly. They can be long names, it doesnt matter. But its so much better to keep your sanity and understand whats going on that way, especially when things get (much) larger.

Lastly I have added a way that the bottom and top horizontal members are still flush, by decreasing the height of the horizontal members by the same amount.


Hi thank you so much I have another 2 questions

1. At the moment there are 6 horizontal beams, but I want to change it to 15, and without chancing it height or twisted angle...I have tried by changing the no. of horizontal beams and the height between horiz.beam. but it somehow changed the angle of how it twisted>

2. is there a way to make the vertical beam equal distance from each other, like the attached image I have drawn?


Sure, thats no problem.

1. The angle can be set to zero (green slider) and rather than setting the number of horizontal beams and height in between each, you can just divide the overall height with the number of beams and get it like that (blue slider)

2. I have changed things around a little bit to make it work better. To get the vertical beams at equal distance, its easiest to break the horizontal polygons into individual lines, then divide by number and just delete the first (or last) one, because it is shared with the line next to it.

I also added some custom preview, because its real simple and just looks a lot nicer ;)


Thank you very much, I have another 2 questions

1. I have attempted to put diagonal beams, however, I think the way i did it is wrong, as you can see the diagonal beams is broken into multiple members, but I just want it to be one single member (please refer to my gh)

2. At the moment the diagonal beam is running into the horizontal beam, is there a way to make it sit behind the horizontal beam, like the attached image I have drawn







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